UCSF Pepper Center

The central theme to our work is "Predictors, Outcomes, and Amelioration of Late-Life Disability: a Focus on Vulnerable Populations."
Because late-life disability will affect 80% of older Americans, we engage in paradigm-shifting research to change clinical practice and policy.
We work to advance scientific knowledge on geriatrics research
We work to foster community building among geriatrics researchers

Who We Are

Founded in 2013 by the faculty of the UCSF Division of Geriatrics, the UCSF Pepper Center consists of 5 cores to develop, support, and mentor an interdisciplinary community of investigators whose discoveries have enhanced the understanding of disability and functional decline in older adults.

Leadership & Administration Core (LAC)

Orchestrates research and program initiatives

Research Education Core (REC)

Designs curricula and programs for career development and facilitates mentorship of junior investigators

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Pilot & Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)

Facilitates mentorship in bridging multidisciplinary investigators into aging-related research

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Vulnerable Populations Aging Research Core (VARC)

Facilitates mentorship and provides expert guidance to investigators conducting primary data collection studies that include older adults with medical and social vulnerabilities.

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Data & Analysis Core (DAC)

Facilitates mentorship and specializes in providing expert guidance on research utilizing large secondary data analysis methodologies

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