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The Pilot and Exploratory Studies Program is created by the Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core of the UCSF Pepper Center which identifies, supports, and nurtures multidisciplinary investigators who would like to expand their research with aging research. The Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core facilitates the development and progress of innovative research for faculty relating to the Pepper Center focus on the predictors, characteristics, and outcomes of late-life disability, especially in vulnerable older populations.


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Catherine Chen profile picture

Catherine Chen, MD

Assistant Professor, Anesthesia

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Project: Cost-Effectiveness of Monitored Anesthesia Care in Cataract Surgery

Hilary Seligman profile picture

Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS

Professor, Medicine

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Project: Impact of SNAP on Health Outcomes in a High-Risk Older Adult Population

UCSF Pepper Center - ARCH Joint Scholar

UCSF Pepper Center - CADC Joint Scholar

Jalayne Arias profile picture

Jalayne Arias, JD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

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Project: Dementia on Death Row: An Examination of Cruel and Usual Punishment for Prisoners with Dementia 

Linda Park profile picture

Linda Park, RN, PhD, FNP

Associate Professor, Nursing

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Project: Improving Health Disparities by Promoting Physical Activity Among Asian American Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease: A Pilot Study




Anil Makam profile picture

Anil Makam, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

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Project: Functional Impairment and Advance Care Planning among Older Adults Transferred to Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals: An Analysis of the Health and Retirement Study

Yue Leng profile picture

Yue Leng, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

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Project: Sleep medication use and cognitive aging in a biracial cohort of community-dwelling elderly



UCSF Pepper Center/CADC Joint Scholar

Jane Jih profile picture

Jane Jih, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Medicine

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Project: Understanding the Context of Patient Medication Practices among Diverse Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Jennifer James profile picture

Jennifer James

Assistant Professor, Institute for Health & Aging

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Project: Health behind and beyond the bars: Older Black women’s experience of health and illness before, during, and after incarceration.




Meredith Greene profile picture

Meredith Greene, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

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Project: Addressing Medical Complexity for Older Adults Living with HIV infection: Development of an integrated HIV Geriatric and Palliative Care Programs

Deb Barnes profile picture

Deb Barnes, PhD

Professor, Psychiatry

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Project: Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise (PLIÉ) 

Christine Miaskowski profile picture

Christine Miaskowski, RN, PhD, FAAN

Professor, Physiological Nursing

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Project: Exploring Chronic Pain and Attitudes Towards Pain Treatment in Older Adults

Wendy Katzman profile picture

Wendy Katzman, PT

Adjunct Professor, Physical Therapy

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Project: Technology-Assisted Postural Training Program in Older Community-Dwelling Adults with Hyperkyphosis


UCSF Pepper Center/CADC Joint Scholar


Maria Chao profile picture

Maria Chao, DrPH, MPA

Associate Professor, Medicine

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Project: Improving Pain Management among Low-Income, Minority Elders: Broadening Treatment Options in the Primary Care Safety Net