Pepper Scholar Alumni Julien Cobert, MD and Team Publish their Paper " Resilience, Survival and Functional Independence in Older Adults Facing Critical Illness"

Older adults often experience worsening functional impairments after surviving critical illness, and this study investigates whether pre-ICU resilience is linked to better post-ICU outcomes such as survival and functional independence. Conducting a retrospective cohort study, Pepper Scholar Alumni Dr. Julien Cobert and his team used data from Medicare-linked Health and Retirement Study surveys spanning 2006-2018, focusing on adults aged 65 and older who were admitted to ICUs. Resilience levels were quantified using the Simplified Resilience Score, ranging from 0 (lowest resilience) to 12 (highest resilience), and outcomes measured included survival and functional independence, adjusted for various demographic and clinical factors. Results showed that patients with higher resilience had a lower risk of post-ICU mortality and a greater likelihood of maintaining independence post-ICU. However, resilience did not significantly affect the rate of decline in functional independence before versus after ICU admission.

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