Multi-Center, Collaborative Pilot & Exploratory RFA

The purpose of the RFA is to encourage cross-center collaborations within the OAIC network by funding for Pilot and Exploratory studies that by their nature require meaningful contributions - of expertise, capabilities, and specimens participants - from 2 or more OAICs. The desired outcomes, in addition to building collaborations, are to produce data and results that have strong potential to lead to subsequent proposals for extramural funding of larger, definitive studies produce impactful publications. Pilot studies can be observational, translational, and / or interventional (pilot trial). Pilot and Exploratory studies can use data, images, and/or stored bio-specimens from completed or ongoing studies for rapid and efficient testing of OAIC-relevant hypotheses. In accordance with the OAIC mission, the focus of the proposals should address factors that impact the maintenance of physical function and prevent or reverse physical disability in older persons. As a Coordinating Center pilot/exploratory study, the application should exhibit a compelling need for multiple sites and present a strong plan for collaborative/complementary research that involves 2 or more sites.

Pilot / Exploratory Studies Review Criteria
 Inherent need for and use multiple OAICs
 Well-aligned with OAIC theme and priorities
 Scientific merit and long-term impact
 Evidence of monetary leveraging the opportunity through each participating OAIC
 Potential to progress to a larger, definitive trial that could be developed within the OAIC network, or to lead an ancillary study to a larger study
 Early career faculty involvement strongly encouraged
 Involvement of a diverse investigator group
 Uses the OAIC recommended standardized assessment battery, when applicable
 Addresses the OAIC CC theme of Implementation / Dissemination of findings from completed OAICrelated studies (Aim 4) desirable but not required

Application Process Timeline 

  • Letter of Intent deadline March 23, 2020 by 11:59 pm EST
  • Full Application deadline April 27, 2020 by 11:59 pm EST
  • Announcement of Awards May 29, 2020

Download full RFA here. Please share this information broadly with faculty at your Pepper Centers. Any additional questions can be sent to the Pepper OAIC Coordinating Center at [email protected] or Dr. Dalane Kitzman at ([email protected]).