Exploring Perspectives on Caring for Middle-Aged Patients with Functional Impairment: Insights from Primary Care Providers and Geriatricians

Pepper Scholar Alumni Drs. Francesca Nicosia and Rebecca Brown and their team consisting of Edison Xu (former MSTAR student), Jon Potter, and Leah Karliner, published a study on primary care provider and geriatrician perspectives on caring for patients with functional impairment in middle age titled "Caring for Patients with Functional Impairment in Middle Age: Perspectives from Primary Care Providers and Geriatricians" in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

The article explores insights from primary care providers and geriatricians regarding the care of middle-aged patients with functional impairments. It delves into the challenges and perspectives of healthcare professionals in managing functional impairments in middle-aged individuals. The study sheds light on the experiences and approaches of primary care providers when caring for patients facing functional limitations during middle age. It highlights the importance of understanding and addressing functional impairments early in life to improve patient outcomes and quality of care. Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the complexities of managing functional impairments in middle-aged patients from the perspectives of healthcare professionals

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